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Here, at Violet Clean Team, we are very passionate and dedicated to everything what we do. Our house cleaners and maids always pay attention to detail. We always aim to exceed our client’s expectations. Once you have used our cleaning services you will never have to call another house cleaning company again!

Violet Clean Team brings professional and dedicated house cleaning to Calgary. Our cleaning team is ready to provide outstanding cleaning and great customer satisfaction. We bring our own supplies for your convenience and we are bonded and insured for your peace of mind. For reliable house cleaning services in Calgary, trust Violet Clean Team for a one-time cleaning or regularly scheduled cleaners in Calgary.

House Cleaning Services Calgary, AB

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About Us – The Best House Cleaning Company In Calgary


We schedule a complimentary consultation with our clients to develop a customized cleaning package designed to identify the needs of your unique home.


Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed at Violet Clean Team. If you are not happy with any area we’ve cleaned, simply call within 24 hours and we will come back and re-clean it free of charge. This makes hiring Violet Clean Team virtually risk free.

Respect & Trust

Our professional cleaning teams are trained to handle your possessions with grace and care. We are fully licensed, insured and bonded.

9 Reasons Why To Choose Our Cleaning Services And Maid Service


You have better things to do with your time

“I don’t have time. I hate to clean the house.” Sound familiar? We can give you more time to do those things you need to do, or would rather be doing, instead of spending endless hours on mundane housework.

We do the house cleaning your way

No two households are exactly the same even if identical in size and layout. We first visit your home to determine your specific needs. If you have (or had) a cleaning service, we like to learn what you liked or disliked about your previous house cleaners. We will then be able to determine how best we can meet your needs and expectations.

Consistently thorough maid service

Your customized quotation is transformed into an individual “work order” for your assigned cleaning. Your cleaning supervisor ensures that each item has been looked at before leaving your home.

Responsible, bonded, insured house cleaning company

Our house cleaning staff is screened, professionally trained, covered by workers compensation insurance – and motivated by your satisfaction with their work. Our company is locally owned, licensed and insured.

We bring our own equipment and cleaning supplies

You can save money and space on cleaning supplies. We always bring our own quality cleaning products every time. We use professional cleaning tools, equipment, materials and cleaning supplies that are effective, efficient and most importantly safe for your family and pets.

Same professional trained house cleaning team every time

Unlike many services we assign the same professionally trained cleaning team for all weekly and bi-weekly cleanings. Our cleaners will know your house, your preferences, and will take time and care with each visit.

Flexible scheduling of house cleaning services

We will work with you to develop a schedule to suit your individual needs. Weekly – Bi-Weekly – Monthly – Anytime you need us.

Great value. Affordable price

We supply all cleaning equipment, tools and supplies. We have quality control procedures in place. All this and a guaranteed pristine-clean home at a competitive price.

Satisfaction guaranteed

If you are not 100% satisfied simply call us within 24 hours and we’ll re-clean for FREE!!
We will customize our house cleaning services to meet the needs of property management firms, landlords, homeowners, realtors and renters for your residential cleaning needs.

Advantages Of Hiring House Cleaning Services

Most people believe that professional house cleaning services in Calgary are too expensive. That plays a major role in their decision to abandon the idea. In reality, hiring residential cleaning services like Violet House Cleaning in Calgary can save you money. Violet Clean Team provides all the cleaning materials and equipment, so you don’t need to purchase them yourself. House cleaning services also customize your cleaning to meet your needs in every area. Trusted maid service is experienced with knowledge of what to look for and how to give even the smallest detail the attention it needs.

What Clients Say About Our House Cleaning Services

We had used home cleaning services in Calgary before but I found this one to be very professional. They were easy to talk to and they listened to what I needed to be done. The cleaning team was on time and did an excellent job according to the instructions I provided.

Daniel Roberson

I was amazed at the professional house cleaning service this company provided. They came with their own cleaning supplies and they did a remarkable job on the entire house, including the bathrooms. I have since put them on a regular cleaning schedule for me. What a great service!

Randall Martin

A friend of mine referred me to this cleaning company in Calgary. She swears by them and after they cleaned my home a couple of times, I can see why. They arrived with the same cleaning team both times, so they were familiar with my home, and they cleaned up better than I ever could.

Lester Rogers

So much time is saved by having this cleaning service in Calgary help me every month. They are always on time and now that the cleaning crew has been here, they know exactly what to do. I can expect a great cleaning each time and they deliver.

Jeremy Hughes

House Cleaning Services
Our Philosophy

At Violet Clean Team House Cleaning Services in Calgary, we focus on your needs and keeping your living environment not just clean, but also healthy.
We are among the leading cleaning companies in Calgary, offering the absolute best in professional maid services Calgary residents rely on for weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or even daily and one-time cleaning for your home. And we do that with experienced professionals who are bonded and insured for your peace of mind.
With our residential cleaning services in Calgary, you can count on house cleaning that’s done your way by the experts that utilize the right cleaning solvents and equipment. That means we take care of every aspect of your house cleaning services in Calgary.
You can have a care-free experience and a perfectly clean living space through our team of top-quality cleaners at Violet Clean Team House Cleaning Services in Calgary.

Why You Should Be Hiring
a Maid Service in Calgary?

We all lead very busy lives, from work to kids’ activities to family commitments, house cleaning in Calgary usually ends up falling off the list of things to do. Hiring professional house cleaning services in Calgary can help. When you hire maid services, you have the freedom to schedule those services when it feels most convenient for you and your family. Professionals, like those at Violet House Cleaning Services near me in Calgary, have experience working with the best methods and products in taking care of the toughest dirt. The experts know the most appropriate and efficient tools to use on any task, with attention to the finer details. We all want more time to spend with friends, family, and other important things, so hiring a house cleaning service will give you that time back. Never spend your precious free time in the evenings or on weekends doing the house cleaning. Violet House Cleaning Services use eco-friendly products, with the highest quality equipment to clean your home safely.

How to Choose a House Cleaning
Services in Calgary

When it comes to choosing the right house cleaning services near me in Calgary, it’s difficult to know where to begin. You want the best price but also reliability and professionalism. Consider cleaning services in Calgary that are known for arriving on time, performing their duties effectively, and that have a proven track record of delivering top-quality house cleaning. The ideal residential cleaning services in Calgary can provide a range of options to fulfill your needs. These include weekly and monthly cleans, window cleaning, or a whole home deep cleaning. Ask your prospective cleaning service in Calgary if they offer additional options you may need. They should listen to your needs and handle them fully. And lastly, make sure the cleaning team uses quality, environmentally friendly cleaning products, and equipment. You can ask what the policies are for replacing house cleaning personnel that may not get the job done or are otherwise not a comfortable fit. These are the things you should consider and why Violet House Cleaning Services in Calgary makes sense.

Hiring House Cleaning Services Calgary, AB – Questions To Ask

Do you provide insurance for your house cleaning services in Calgary?

Uninsured cleaning services in Calgary are more affordable now, but more expensive later on. They do not provide any sort of protection for damaged items. At Violet House Cleaning Services, we provide insured services that will ensure the excellent quality of our maid services in Calgary and keep your valuables in mint condition. 

How do you hire cleaners based in Calgary?

Does the company perform background checks? Do they verify company references for proof of quality work? How thorough is their hiring process?

Do you provide house cleaning programs for Calgary-based services?

Residential cleaning services in Calgary differ per house. Before settling with a company, ask for their cleaning programs or if they can customize the maid service based on client preference.

Who provides the maids in Calgary with the cleaning supplies? 

Always ask who provides cleaning supplies for house cleaning services near me in Calgary.


Service Area Where We Provide House Cleaning Services And Maid Service

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